Department of Catholic Studies

Program Overview

The goal of this program is to deepen the awareness and understanding of Catholic Intellectual Tradition. Catholic Studies includes the contributions of Catholic reflection and practice, but extends beyond theology, church history, morality and liturgy. In particular, students will investigate the Catholic Intellectual Tradition from the distinct perspectives of art and music, literature, politics and social justice.

Requirements for Catholic Studies Minor

A Catholic Studies minor must complete the following courses:

ISC/COM 401 Senior Internship and Project
CST 201 The Catholic Vision (3 crs)
CST 301 Classics of the Catholic Intellectual Tradition (3 crs)

The minor is completed by taking one course in each of the following areas:

Humanities (3 crs)
Social Science (3 crs)
Theology or Philosophy (3 crs)
Elective (3 crs)
Note: While students will be encouraged to take RST 107 (Catholicism), it is not required for the minor

Special Note on Catholic Studies Minor

The minor in Catholic Studies requires 18 hours and is earned by completing a six-credit core and 12 hours of elective credit that reflects the interdisciplinary nature of the Catholic Intellectual Tradition